sometimes Ian Somerhalder looks like a man in drag

wearing lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and hair goop

Source: the most hilarious TVD photo recap


Stefan and Elena

I am really feeling the Stefan/Elena chemistry on the show. I’m really interested in their new dynamic. Elena misses Stefan so much and he’s right in front of her but so far away at the same time.

This look made me gasp out loud – Paul is so great at conveying so much emotions with his eyes. I seriously thought that Stefan was back!

I do not like Damon and Elena together at all. It is very unhealthy to me. She constantly emotionally manipulates him and he has done a laundry list of horrible things to her. The biggest ones being killing Jeremy and forcing her to drink his blood with the goal of turning her into a vampire. Even though he didn’t end up succeeding, when he snapped Jeremy’s neck, he knew that Jeremy would die and he did not care. Every time he does not get his ways, he lashes out and punishes Elena. Very selfish.

Damon Caroline Fic rec

Back with another fandom, The Vampire Diaries (tvd)

My fave ship therein – Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes

Dear Narcissus Boy by Eena_Angel2001

She will fight, claw, scratch, and now bite to be free of him . . . Response to the “What if Damon turned Caroline instead of Vicki?” question floating around LJ.

Unfinished Sympathy by Caramel Charm

Vampires have taken over the world, there’s a plan and Caroline wonders what all this got to do with her. Damon/Caroline, some Damon/Katherine but mostly Damon/his non-existent good side

Secrets They Keep by Queen-of-Azarath

On November 30th, 2009, Caroline Forbes turned eighteen years old. As the next of age in the Founding Families, she is forced to join the Founder’s Council, and everything she had ever been told, and the life that she had was going to change forever.

The Perfection of Death by Rhanon Brodie

A trip through Caroline’s mind, from start to blinding finish, and how she finds her way as a vampire. I’m going to christen this with a new term: Damroline. There, I did it. Caroline / Damon, probably AU and slight OOC if you’re really looking.

Bruise, Dredge, and Drain by Rhanon Brodie

He was with Caroline for weeks, a useful bit of sex and blood – but some stories don’t get told the way they’re supposed to. Here’s what they didn’t show you on the CW. Prequel to ‘The Perfection of Death’. Damroline, slight AU/OOC, M for a reason.

Drive by aria0205

Post S1Ep10. Lately, Caroline can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Unsettled by new discoveries and forced to rely on Damon to protect her, she embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her world, her friends and herself.