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The plus side is this archive seems to have literally every fandom under the sun. After I discover a new fandom, this is one of the first places I’ll visit. The minus side is there is all kinds of crap here. But when you hit upon a good fic, makes it all worth it!

Archive of Our Own

Multiple fandoms represented. Very into warnings.

A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones

Smutty Fics (NC-17)

Quid Pro Quo by Sharkygal

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

These Games We Play

On the eve of the events of Game of Thrones, children’s games turn into adults’ play between Jon and Arya.

Rise of Wolves by Tendertooks

The Iron Throne seats its true ruler, and the new Kings of Winter have sworn their allegiance. There is no war, but if there is peace in Westeros, it can hardly be felt… But at least, Arya is coming home. future fic, book spoilers.

Year of the False Spring by Sera dy Relandrant

281 AL. The story about the Tourney at Harrenhal, the Knight of the Laughing Tree, the duel between Brandon and Littlefinger and the events leading up to Robert’s Rebellion.


The Age of Temptation by Misty Glow

A continuation of what happens to the Sons of Ipswich after Caleb defeats Chase. However, a new discovery is made that would allow the boys to use their powers without aging. Is it a relic? A ritual? No, it is a girl. And the age of temptation begins.  This fandom is out of nowhere but I couldn’t resist including this fic.


Archive: Community 101

Hana Yori Dango

For me, my interests in this fandom are very specific. I am only a fan of the J-Drama, not the K or T dramas and have never read the mangas. Also, the only fandom in which I indulge in RPF. Maybe because I know so very little about the stars that it seems less stalkerish….

Co-Stars: A Highly Fictionalized Account of the Probable Romance Between an Idol and a Rising Star

She started out as a child actress and was on her way to becoming a leading lady. He was handpicked for stardom by the industry’s biggest name.
When the cameras started to roll, their chemistry was instantaneous and the stormy romance of their characters captivated the world. Off-screen, however…well, let’s just say that sometimes life has a way of mirroring art.

Harry Potter

The fandom that started it all – my gateway fandom. To this day, HP boasts the most divers world out there and absolutely nothing is off-limits (i.e. not for the faint of heart). When I first started, I was a diehard Harmony fan. The release of HBP and the resulting Mugglenet interview (delusional, ugh) really put a damper in my enthusiasm. My second OTP was is Pansy/Draco with a big emphasis on the Pansy character.



Portkey is a very specific archive only for Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Luna.


My first love…while compiling this, it was so hard to remember fics I really loved with this pairing from 4/5 years ago. As a result, most of these fics below are EPIC – one thing about the HP fandom is you’ll find the most talented authors since the range is so wide!

Draco Dormiens by Cassandra Clare

once cc became a published author, the links to this great fic went down. thankfully, you can still find them around. i’ll post multiple links jic.

  1. Draco Dormiens (1) (2) (edited for sp/gr errors)
  2. Draco Sinister (1) (2) (edited for sp/gr errors)
  3. Draco Veritas (1) (2) (edited for sp/gr errors)

The Lost King by Twitch E. Littleferret

A/U: A mutinous assassination divides a once peaceful land. The throne is protected from traitorous hands by an ancient spell, locked forever, until the true heir returns to claim it. A Rider who must face his destiny, a Queen who carries a dangerous secret and a King who has made a deal with the devil all set into motion the final battle against Lord Voldemort and to reclaim the throne to rule all the land.

The Throne Reclaimed by Twitch E. Littleferret

A/U: The sequel to The Lost King has arrived!! Must read the Lost King before this one. Harry has proclaimed himself the King of Gryffindor and sets his plans in motion to reclaim his throne. But his unyielding desire for Draco’s Queen sets up a betrayal so great that it threatens the fragile kingdom just as Lord Voldemort declares war against the Gryffindor King.

Unsung Hero by MeghanReviews

There are two things to know about Harry Potter. One: He kicks ass. Two: No one cares. Why? Because Daniel Potter is the Boy Who Lived. Badass Horcruxes. A Year 7 fic with lots of twin fic elements. COMPLETED  There’s also apparently a sequel which I don’t remember reading at all but if you’re interested: Rise of the King

Pansy/Draco (Dransy)

Archive: Frilly Pink Robes


Muggle Studies by slytherincess

Fifth Year: Draco Malfoy loses a formal wizards’ duel to George and Ron Weasley and is forced to take Muggle Studies as a consequence. Unable to resist bearing witness to Draco’s shame, the Gryffindors and Malfoy’s fellow Slytherins also decide to come along for the ride. Told from the view of Pansy Parkinson. (Unfortunately WIP and unlikely to be finished)

Forgivable Expecatations by Jubilee

Being a Slytherin is tough work these days. With the war brewing around her, Pansy has to deal with inner-house politics, an unexpected rival, and an undesired attraction to Dean Thomas. She also has to deal with the rather special relationship she has with Draco Malfoy. Pansy may discover that there’s more to life than waiting around for her best friend to notice her. Includes an artistic Snape and a French Draco. (The best at fleshing out Pansy’s character.)

Powerful Couple by Blackwell-Triplets

This is the story of Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson. In this story, Draco is a prat, and Pansy is, well, submissive.

No One But Us by sondragonfly

This is simply a collection of conversations between Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson over the years they spent at Hogwarts. They are not necessarily in chronological order except for the first conversation and the last.

Helpless by Turquoise Girl

Everyone Pansy Parkinson as a big, whiny, and ugly brat, but what if she wasn’t? What if she were only pretending? In one awful night, she lost her family and hardly anyone understands what she is going through. Well, there is one person, but they hate each other too much to even try while another tries to get help her. How will Pansy get through the summer and her last year at Hogwarts when the Dark Lord is getting ready for one last strike… (Best Silver Trio (Pansy, Draco, Blaise) fic plus intriguing plot)

Sinners by ciararose

3 years have passed since Graduation, and the war continues. The line between good and evil has become blurred and wearied. In a battle that has changed each participant in a different way, can there be a beautiful side to evil? No matter how tainted or regretful, can love exist among the cruelest of Dark followers? Through love, grief, joy, fear, and death, this is not the story of the saint. This is the story of the sinners. (Draco and Pany as Deatheaters, also a sequel in the works)

Motivation by ciararose

Pansy Parkinson was caught in a world full of conflicting motives. What she wanted, what she needed, and what she deserved were very different things. But her desires don’t matter anymore. It is someone else’s plan, and someone else’s motivation, that will twist her world- and all she can do is try and survive. 2nd in the series

Persuasion by ciararose

You can tell yourself, “No, I would never.” You can look to the future and say you know exactly where you’ll be. Pansy Parkinson thought she knew just that. But a monster can look like a man until the darkness reveals his nature. And when storms break, a person can be persuaded to do just about anything to stay above water. 3rd in the series

In Love and War by Ruthless Toothless

Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson are like two peas in a pod. Like Signs usually repel but when they collide, they collide hard. (The Slytherins engage in the battle of the sexes. Bonus: A quidditch playing Pansy who is absolutely ruthless as a beater.)

All I Need by Daring D

Draco/Pansy post-war “The beginning of this story could go back as far as my first year at Hogwarts. I’ll spare you the long drawn out giggles and blushes though and jump in seventeen years later, because that would be the second beginning to the story.” I think I wade through all the crap on just to find a story like this.

Tangled Web by makbee

Pansy has been slighted by the guy of her dreams, and he has chosen Draco’s ex-girlfriend over her! She teams up with Draco to become the most powerful and celebrated couple in Slytherin! But it’s all pretend and for the sake of revenge, right?

Woman Scorned by makbee

When Draco dumps her what is Pansy to do? What the Queen of Green is supposed to do! Make him regret ever leaving her. But what happens when her plan works too well & the two start falling in love all over again? Will her pride stand in the way?

Smutty Fics (NC-17)

… time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse… by Jubilee

When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn’t a sign that they don’t understand one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to.

Research Interruptus by cmwinters

Pansy is lonely and misses Draco. She goes off in search of him, and tries to persuade him to pay closer attention to her.

Don’t Let It Go to Your Head by malfadaweasley

The summer between fifth and sixth years, a raucous fight, and a rather satisfactory resolution.

More Interesting than the Mysterious Stains on the Ceiling by starrysummer

Harry sneaks into Draco’s compartment on the Hogwarts Express, but finds something that didn’t quite fit into a children’s story.

Responsible Prefects by Aspen

What Pansy and Draco get up to with Polyjuice Potion and an empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

If Everyone Else is Doing It by Kphoebe

Pansy may watch Draco fall, but she won’t fall with him. Pansy is the epitome of the cunning, manipulative Slytherin. Bit of Pansy/Ron, how Pansy survives the war.


L’Effet by artemis_sparks

Pansy loves Draco madly, ferociously, platonically. (also on

A Treasure Found by Leprella

A glimpse into the childhood of Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson, an idea about the beginning of their friendship. Something I really like about this ship is you can write them as the cutest children.

Love Scene by Elektra

In the aftermath of Voldemort’s final defeat, Draco and Pansy have one last conversation. Very angsty and sad. But not corny either, totally them.

Or to Return from Following by Fourth Rose

It’s the summer after HBP, and Draco is on the run. Warning: higher rating than the others in this one-shot category.

Noses by Diricrawl

“I’m not going to marry you, Draco,” is not the kind of response Draco Malfoy is used to hearing, especially from Pansy Parkinson, and especially before having asked the question. A late night conversation in the Slytherin common room leads to some startling realisations and talk of plastic surgery. I think this is the classic Draco/Pansy.

Pansy without the Dransy

A Whole New World by r_becca (Pansy/Ron)

The war is over and it’s a whole new world for Pansy Parkinson, one where her wealth and privilege have been stripped away. Still, a Slytherin can survive.

Right to the Depths by streetscribbles (Pansy/Harry)

In life, winning isn’t everything – in the game, it is. Pansy loves games. Harry’s never played them. In 5 parts, a game that takes over their whole lives.

Gossip Girl

The Date by sarabrowncolorado

This is the story of Blair and Dan’s first date as I see it anyway . I am toying with the idea of continuing this as a series…showing other “important” dates throughout their relationship: Their first date was nothing short of a dare.


Loosely based on the movie ‘Definitely Maybe’ Dan tells his daughter the story of how he fell in love with her mother. Used to be a mystery but I just wanted to open it to a wider audience. D/B. This fic has one of the best OCs. Its loosely based on a Ryan Reynolds movie so I tried watching it since the fic is so good. But I had to turn the movie off after 25 minutes as it is bad.

The Vampire Diaries

Archive: TVD_Fic


Dear Narcissus Boy by Eena_Angel2001

She will fight, claw, scratch, and now bite to be free of him . . . Response to the “What if Damon turned Caroline instead of Vicki?” question floating around LJ.

Unfinished Sympathy by Caramel Charm

Vampires have taken over the world, there’s a plan and Caroline wonders what all this got to do with her. Damon/Caroline, some Damon/Katherine but mostly Damon/his non-existent good side

Secrets They Keep by Queen-of-Azarath

On November 30th, 2009, Caroline Forbes turned eighteen years old. As the next of age in the Founding Families, she is forced to join the Founder’s Council, and everything she had ever been told, and the life that she had was going to change forever.

The Perfection of Death by Rhanon Brodie

A trip through Caroline’s mind, from start to blinding finish, and how she finds her way as a vampire. I’m going to christen this with a new term: Damroline. There, I did it. Caroline / Damon, probably AU and slight OOC if you’re really looking.

Bruise, Dredge, and Drain by Rhanon Brodie

He was with Caroline for weeks, a useful bit of sex and blood – but some stories don’t get told the way they’re supposed to. Here’s what they didn’t show you on the CW. Prequel to ‘The Perfection of Death’. Damroline, slight AU/OOC, M for a reason.

Drive by aria0205

Post S1Ep10. Lately, Caroline can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Unsettled by new discoveries and forced to rely on Damon to protect her, she embarks on a journey to find out what happened to her world, her friends and herself.

Life in Plastic by unoshot

In which nothing happens. / She’s seventeen and so are all her friends.

Mona Lisa by xthesebonesx

She doesn’t mean to do it and she immediately regrets it, knowing that she’s just changed everything. All she can think about is Damon; how much she loves him, and how much he’ll hate her after she tells him the truth. Caroline/Damon/Stefan

cinderella dressed in white by prettypinklips

Cheerleaders aren’t supposed to last in a zombie apocalypse. Not unless they’re like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something, but here she is, kicking ass and taking names. Caroline, a shotgun, and the end of the world. AH. Damon&Caroline.

My Life Without You by TVDVampire

What would you do if the one person you needed more than anyone, the one person who could be there for you, was the one person you thought you hated the most? No vampires or other supernatural beings as of right now. Maybe later? Stefan/Elena with others!

In His Veins by eenaangel

Caroline/Damon, make you feel this pretty burn.

it’s in the abc of growing up by WhenLighteningStrikes

The thing is, she can do so much stuff now. Like Fight Crime and bring the Bad Guys to justice and be the Savior of The World and the Scourge of Evil. Be James Bond, instead of, you know, the skimpily dressed Bond girl or something. Caroline-centric


keep my issues strong by torigates

It was stupid and dangerous, and Elena knew she shouldn’t be doing it, but she had spent so much time over the last year at the Salvatore house whenever she was feeling sad, or lonely, or scared, that she just couldn’t help it.

Until This Lie Do Us Part by TVDVampire

You are supposed to get married because you are in love. But for Stefan, marriage was just a means to an end. Stefan/Elena with other characters popping up.

My Life Without You by TVDVampire

What would you do if the one person you needed more than anyone, the one person who could be there for you, was the one person you thought you hated the most? No vampires or other supernatural beings as of right now. Maybe later? Stefan/Elena with others!

Broken by ariadne melody

At first he doesn’t think he could face her, not after everything he’s done to her.


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