Katerina Graham crooked face

I love the Vampire Diaries. Katerina Graham plays Bonnie Bennet.

I can’t get over her crooked face. Her eyes are misaligned and her chin is not in the middle of her face – its off to one side. Now I think I will always be distracted when I watch her scenes.


57 responses to “Katerina Graham crooked face

  1. “I can’t get over her crooked face. Her eyes are misaligned and her chin is not in the middle of her face – its off to one side. Now I think I will always be distracted when I watch her scenes.”

    What I can’t get over is the fact that you are so obessed with her face that you would actually take the time to do a Golden Ratio grid on her face.

    Bet you aren’t too good lookin’ yourself there to be judging other people. If you’re so distracted by her face, don’t watch TVD. Period.

    • Haha – I think its hilarious that any criticism means I can’t watch the show. TVD is one of my fave shows – I follow it religiously! I still like Kat Graham and her music esp. Cold-Hearted Snake.

      I think your reaction is very heated – perhaps I hit too close to home? 😉

  2. this is true, but i think she is one of the most beautiful actresses i have ever seen ! her eyes are striking. not to mention that she’s super talented.

      • She doesnt wear green contacts. That’s her actual eye color. Black people can have REAL light colored eyes just as white people without wearing contacts.

      • She’s not just black, jesus christ. I hate people that use that stupid One Drop Rule still. She’s half black and half white.

      • People shes not black! She doesnt even have any black facial features what so ever! Shes Americo-Liberian, Polish, Russian and Jewish. All of those races mixed together and gave her an olive color. Her eyes are real too. Stop thinking you know whats real and whats fake if you dont know!

      • Wow Deja. She’s definitely half black. Liberia is a country in Africa where America deported black slaves. Maybe before you tell other ppl to become informed maybe you should yourself or in the very least look at a map. And I agree that her face is asymmetrical but she is still very beautiful.

  3. I’ve noticed too and it did kinda bug me at first cause i couldn’t really figure it out. that being said, i still think she’s gorgeous! Especially when she has certain hairdo’s; it looks like she’s a bollywood actress.

    i agree with ritzcracker; jessica’s comment was a bit aggressive considering how ridiculous and random of a topic this really is lol.


  5. I noticed that too I asked google why it was crooked and I got this lol of course she was probably born this way although pretty her wonky face annoys the hell out of me… and I’m only on my third ever episode.

  6. I’m just curious, could it be fixrd. Americans fix everything. Why not her? Her teeth are perfect. As symetry and perfection are the hallmark of U.S. tv I’m suprised she got the gig. Not that she isn’t qualified with her MASSIVE TALENTS. I own season one and two and DVR 3. Question, why do women of color stay covered up while caucasion women expose more skin? i.e. Kat and Rutina Wesley. I’m just exposing a guy position….I’m not trying to offend. Fear of Blacksploitation accusations? THEY R HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You can fix this with surgery. I have a crooked face but most people don’t get surgery because it honestly does not affect our lives that much and it costs a lot of money. It’s kind of hurtful that you would actually make a grid out of her face and how people on here are saying how annoying it is and stuff like that. Just be respectful about it and understand that just because someone’s face is crooked, doesn’t mean that they are any different. I look up to her and how she is this amazing actress and how she has all this confidence. She doesn’t let her crooked face affect her. I’ve dealt with it my whole life and it’s honestly not that bad and our “wonky faces” are definitely not “annoying as hell” in any way. Think about what you say because it actually really hurts to hear those comments when you’ve spent your whole life trying to build up your confidence around something you can’t do anything about. So just think about what you say and how other people will react to it, that’s all:)

    • Ummmm…., NO ONE ON EARTH HAS AN ALIGNED FACE! EVERYONE IS OFF! Most of you are soooo mean on here and she is a beautiful and talented actress! I wonder why you aren’t saying anything about Lindsey Lohan’s destructive behavior or Miley Cyrus acting out or Taylor Swift who’s been whoring around Hollywood!!! And for the record…, go take a look at Tom Cruises earlier face and teeth…., she’s in good company!!!

  8. Vendela, I completely agree with you. I have a crooked face, due to being born with an under bite and had surgery and other procedures to fix that, my jaw and my face ended up crooked. I am so insecure with that feature that I really want to undergo corrective jaw surgery, but I really don’t think the pain is worth all of that. I am still depressed because of my crooked jaw and insecure of it. I really do look up to Kat Graham because she is confident and is truly beautiful and it gave me a little hope that it’s okay to go on life with my life with the fact that my face is not symmetrical.

    • I also have an underbite! My face is super crooked and I randomly came across a picture of this girl and noticed hers was, too. It made me feel so much better about myself because she is so beautiful!

  9. *”go on with my life….” ugh sorry for my horrible writing. I was tearing up when I wrote this because I am VERY insecure when it comes to this subject lol

  10. I agree, she’s beautiful but I can’t get over her face either. Like I can’t enjoy the series when the camera is right on her. Especially when she’s mad she talks to the side. I seriously lol like everyone else below me, thought I was the only one who noticed that. I just wanted to know what happened like if it was a birth defect or something.

  11. Ugh. I hate looking at her. I knew a girl with a crooked jaw cause she banged her face up against the side of a pool over and over again while swimming when young. It’s so awful. It’s not normal. She needs to fix it.

    • I bet if you were to put as much energy into doing something productive, as opposed to the energy you’re devoting to scrutinizing a face that is most likely more beautiful than yours, you’d probably be half as successful as she is. Put your pic up here and let’s see whose face is more distracting and annoying. Yours or hers.

  12. her face brings comedy to the series and makes the other actors look gorge

    the rest of the cast must have a lot of restraint and be very professional to not laugh while doing scenes with kat graham, esp when she is angry…

    just saying

  13. her face brings comedy to the series and makes the other actors look gorge

    the rest of the cast must have a lot of restraint and be very professional to not laugh while doing scenes with kat graham, esp when she is angry…

    just saying

    • The rest of the cast members are intelligent adults. I doubt they have to show any restraint at all. I doubt they even waste 2 seconds of their time thinking about the symmetry of Kat’s face. You need a life, ASAP.

    • You’re clearly a horrible human being. I bet you have flaws as well and there’s a VERY big chance that you aren’t anywhere near as beautiful as Kat Graham. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her co-workers are decent, intelligent individuals who don’t waste their time on such petty thoughts.

  14. What is wrong with all of these ignorant people leaving insensitive comments? I have a misaligned face and I can’t stand it. It is my biggest insecurity. I don’t see how this could even be an issue, or “annoying” as many of you said. It’s something that I, and many other people, have to live with on a daily basis. I’ve gotten teased for it.

    To those of you who posted rude comments about Kat or people with crooked faces in general, you wouldn’t of posted them if you didn’t have insecurities yourselves. Therefore, deal with your insecurities before bashing on those of others.

  15. I’ve got eyes for these kind of things and saw it at very first glimpse. There are way worse looking actresses both generally and in TVD, and out of that perspective, there isn’t much to comment really.


    What does draw attention, at least mine, is that the crew/director is very well aware of her ‘above average’ skewness and literally take pains in trying to conceal it. Every shot of Kat is obvious to a great extent in placing a massive shadow on one side of her face, in effect eliminating unbiased observation of symmetry (in this case, anti-symmetry).

    This, if anything, is worth contemplating, as it get painfully clear that the director is not only aware of her anti-symmetric face, but is also actively trying to conceal it, using lighting. What kind of message does this relay, both to the attantive audience but also, and even more thought-worthy, Kat herself (she must be aware, getting directions during shoots etc)?

  16. Christ people! Shes not even black or black/white! Shes Americo-Liberian, Polish, Russian and Jewish. You can tell shes not black! Her eyes are real and so is her hair. Get over her face. Regardless she is drop dead gorgeous and an amazing actress,dancer, and singer. Leave her alone. Everyone has their problems. Maybe its something that happened during birth? Idk. Leave her alone! This is why people are always insecure! smh

    • You’re an idiot. Liberia is in Africa. Her father is Black. Stop spreading your stupidity over the internet.

    • Unfortunately, she does wear contacts….look up pics of her eyes up close and you can see the contact slipping asymmetrically on her eye. Also, in the Parent Trap her eyes were brown.

      • She is beautiful, brilliant, and talented. Also lucky to have people weigh in on her attributes. Nobody gives a sh#t about my face, lol TEAM KAT!!!!! (Nina & Candice too!)

  17. I think it’s ridiculous how people point out other’s small flaws…alright, so the chick who plays Sookie in True Blood has the biggest tooth gap I’ve seen in an actress, yet I don’t see an article poking fun of her for it, because she’s beautiful just the way she is, and so is Kat Graham. Why would anyone take so much time and effort to put someone else down and point out their flaws? It’s immoral and just disgusting.

    • It’s called jealousy. Most of the negative comments are coming from jealous, insecure little girls, who are probably plain in looks. Kat Graham is strikingly beautiful. Crooked face and all.

  18. I don’t mean to be superficial, but I must confess that Kat’s crooked face is really distracting. It is really noticeable, so I never thought I was the only one, I just thought nobody else noticed, but now that I’m reading this long ass thread, I’m realizing that people do notice. How can we not? As a culture, our eyes are trained to expect flawlessness in actors and TV personalities, so I’m really surprised Kat got cast as Bonnie. I just have a question. How is she “massively talented”? I never heard of anything she did aside from TVD, oh and the whole clean water project with Ian, but other than that, what is Kat Graham known for? Sorry, I know I must be living under a rock, so to speak.

  19. OMG I thought I was the only one that saw it too! Like when i watch the show i just cant get over it, every time i look at her its all i see and it distracts me from other scenes lol.

  20. Can’t believe you people actually have the guts to say it’s “annoying” to look at someone because of their face. How dare you… I have a crooked face too, but unfortunately surgery can’t do much for me. Really gets my confidence up high reading all the “OMG!!!! I NOTICED IT TOO!!!! SOOO DISTRACTING!!!”
    Fuck you all.

  21. crooked face and all the girl is gorgeous, she shines and that is what is bothering most on this post that with her imperfections she still looks good. Most of you probably hope that you look half as good as she does.

    for the record those are her real eyes, and she is confident enough in her talent and beauty to not fix her crooked face. good for her.

  22. I am not being all high and mighty, but I have never actually said anything like somebodies face is “comical” or “irritating” I may have thought something like that at some point, but to actually put it out there where the person could hear these kinds of things and see these things is nauseating to me.

  23. I noticed something was different about her when I started watching.She is very beautiful!She has so much confidence!Shannon Daugherty also has one eye that is higher than the other.I have noticed as TVD has went on they seem to be doing things to make it less noticeable…I don’t know why though because it gives her such a unique look!I think is awesome also since she plays a witch so that makes it even cooler!Nobody is perfect and we should embrace each others differences 🙂

  24. There was a question if Kat had any other talents. In her chosen dance style she is one of the BEST IN THE WORLD! Learn to use Google.

  25. for all of u thinking shes got natural green eyes, check this image:

    they r obviously contacts, and i u look for big resolution images in google of her, you´ll see her natural color behind the contacts too

    some black/mixed women have real light coloured eyes like the girl from clueless and tyra, but not this girl 😉

  26. Wow! Can’t believe all of the disgusting comments on this post. How disheartening. It just goes to show how ugly people can be inside. I can’t see how saying somebody else’s face is “annoying” to look at could benefit you in any way. I have an asymmetrical jaw as well and though nobody has ever said anything to me about it, (besides my dentist when I was only 12) it’s something that weighs very heavily on you and has made my self-esteem nearly non-existent. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Kat having ridiculous, jealous people making hurtful comments about you online. I hope she never sees the comments some people make about her on websites like these.

  27. [Just so the haters know I think she is pretty hot, this is not an attack on her looks but a genuine inquiry.]

    Was she born with a genetic condition?
    coz I’ve resonantly watched a Japanese show called ‘ Akihabara@Deep ‘ the girl who plays Izumu; [Matsushima Hatsune], has got the same facial markers. I shit you not check out the link:


  28. Regardless if her face is crooked or not she still gorgeous. I think her bein imperfect makes her even prettier

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