holy shit

so i’m not a good blogger. i’m paranoid about putting up too much personal info. today is the first day i really looked through this thing and I realized I used to write so much. and even though I never mentioned names and the like, its pretty easy to extract personal/bio info about me.

so in an effort to share more, here goes:

bored at hoome, so bored, waiting for august but tat the same time dreading going off to start real life. so much actual responsible stuff to do but instead i go out all the time.

need to stop being so weird and doning weird stuff and saying the word “so” so many times. haha, i can’t stop

damn, i love beauty blogs, here are some i follow:

ha, they’re all asian cuz guess what i’m asian!!

read wintergirls by laurie halse anderson. i think being at home has really messed up my sense of my appetite. i eat like a mouse and then binge in the wee morning hours. fuck, i feel so happy to be at 90lb. wtf huh? last summer i was like 100lb and then like 95ish in school. but i’m not reallly there yet cuz that’s only in the morning before food. plz, haters to the left i don’t want any lectures.

tonight should be fun since free booze is always good. sometimes, i write stuff and i just allude to it since i don’t want to be so open but later on i read and i forget what i’m alluding to! ha! to jog my memory: lounge and a friend i haven’t seen since january.

also, i got asked to be sort of a backup bridesmaid, lol. very touched, is it good manners then when i get married to reciporicate…? wonders. but damn it, i love weddings! a softie romantic at heart.

blogging is nice especially when i don’t have an audience. i just write all free with misspellings and such.

here’s a pic cuz i don’t like all text but sometimes update mobily so hard to add media:


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