Brown sugar bacon

Line toaster oven pan with aluminum foil
Put on two slices of bacon
Sprinkle on brown sugar
Bake in toaster oven at 350 for 15 min


Microwave steamed egg

A tasty midnight snack that reminds me of the Chinese steamed eggs my mom makes in the rice cooker.

In a microwave safe bowl, beat one egg
Season as you like, I used about
1 tsp fish sauce
1 squirt sriracha
.5 tsp sugar
.5 tsp chicken seasoning
Add in some chopped scallion
Add 4 oz water
Whisk everything together
Microwave the whole thing covered for 3 minutes


holy shit

so i’m not a good blogger. i’m paranoid about putting up too much personal info. today is the first day i really looked through this thing and I realized I used to write so much. and even though I never mentioned names and the like, its pretty easy to extract personal/bio info about me.

so in an effort to share more, here goes:

bored at hoome, so bored, waiting for august but tat the same time dreading going off to start real life. so much actual responsible stuff to do but instead i go out all the time.

need to stop being so weird and doning weird stuff and saying the word “so” so many times. haha, i can’t stop

damn, i love beauty blogs, here are some i follow:

ha, they’re all asian cuz guess what i’m asian!!

read wintergirls by laurie halse anderson. i think being at home has really messed up my sense of my appetite. i eat like a mouse and then binge in the wee morning hours. fuck, i feel so happy to be at 90lb. wtf huh? last summer i was like 100lb and then like 95ish in school. but i’m not reallly there yet cuz that’s only in the morning before food. plz, haters to the left i don’t want any lectures.

tonight should be fun since free booze is always good. sometimes, i write stuff and i just allude to it since i don’t want to be so open but later on i read and i forget what i’m alluding to! ha! to jog my memory: lounge and a friend i haven’t seen since january.

also, i got asked to be sort of a backup bridesmaid, lol. very touched, is it good manners then when i get married to reciporicate…? wonders. but damn it, i love weddings! a softie romantic at heart.

blogging is nice especially when i don’t have an audience. i just write all free with misspellings and such.

here’s a pic cuz i don’t like all text but sometimes update mobily so hard to add media: