New Fandom: Twilight

Saw the movie, the actors are so cheesy and lame, can’t really act at all.

Read all the books, same, breaking dawn is pretty much awful. hint: its pretty easy to find links to read all the books online.

Not into Bella/Edward at all, ugh. in fact, Bella is the most mary sue character ever. she is so selfish and annoying, pretty much find her boring and wish fulfillment


Betrothed Were Edward & Rosalie truly honest with Bella when describing their time together before Emmett came into the family? This is their story. True to canon & character, pre-Twilight.

Breaking Points Everyone has breaking points. Ever wonder why Rosalie and Edward are so cold towards one another? Their story from the start, in canon – they just lied to everyone. A different kind of love than the one we’re used to. Eventual canon pairings maybe

Jacob/Leah = Blackwater

She Hates Me Nessie always knew Leah didn’t like her, even when everyone else pretended it wasn’t true. It just took her much longer than she thought it did to figure out why. this author has even more great blackwater fics so be sure to check author profile

Chase If Leah thought being a female shapeshifter was complicated before, now she was attracting mates? Great. If Jacob wants her, he’s going to have to be the first to catch her…he better decide fast if he wants his Beta to become his Alpha Female. L/J

Defying Gravity Blackwater! ‘Well if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost.’ Jacob copes with being another one of Renesmee’s play things while Leah copes with her growing feelings for Jacob. Rated T for swearing.


The Elite Doing what rich people do is easy.” Same old story, Twilight twist. St. Olaf’s is a prestigious boarding school, dripping with money, sex, and social hierarchy. But there’s really only one question you have to ask yourself: are you one of Them or one o


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