I am so depressed. Maybe I am doomed to go through the rest of my life like this. Opportunities just keep dropping into my hands and I’m always failing and it keeps slipping away. /Sigh

I’m reading a really depressing book too. All the characters screwed up their lives majorly, so much potenial and it all goes down the drain. They convince themselves their happy but they’re so scared to be vulnerable and open up to someone. I think they choose the easy route, its easier for them to be a whore because physical connection is less risky than emotional connection.


One response to “Depression

  1. Hello, I came across your site while looking at random stuff for hana yori dango. Just wanted to say you won’t go through life horribly depressed all the time=) I hope that Thanksgiving or Christmas treated you well and that you’ll blog happier things or rant if you feel like it but not be depressed.

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