JC Concert In LA

Quickly post the playlist before I forget stuff:

  • Golden Armour – same costume as overseas!
  • Unparalleled – v. similiar song, loud, crowd starter
  • A little montage segues to A Secret I Cannot Tell
  • First time Jay speaks – Retreat
  • Scottish dancers and then clowns – Listen to Mama’s Words
  • Come up with Piano – Black Humor
  • Nocture – a little different beat
  • An Jing
  • Montage with Yu Hao being beat by Jay – Piano Duel between the two
  • Nunchucks – v. short
  • Erhu and montage – Faraway
  • Chrysanthemum Terrace
  • Dancers for Herbalist’s Manual ends with a little Che Ling – went so high! (someone from NQMM raps too)
  • NQMM – 3 songs, Lara’s from LA!
  • Twilight’s 7th Chapter – Lara sings female part
  • Wu Ding – Lara and another NQMM member
  • Rosemary – 4 female dancers mingle in audience aftwerwards
  • Jay + 6 musicians – Backup singer sings Silent Night in Chinese
  • Rainbow on guitar
  • Ninja – done more melodic, different rhythm
  • Unknown – short, someone else’s song?
  • Cannot Speak
  • Then Jay abruptly leaves the stage but from reading reviews I know an Encore is coming
  • Sunshine Homeboy with cute cartoon montage
  • Fa Ru Xue while playing Chinese instrument with that nail thing
  • Fearless – awesome, rushed up front and everyone singing along
  • Nunchuks – great closer, so loud!

It was wonderful! My next goal is to go to one in Asia where everything is a lot more extravagant.