It really hurts to be rejected. Even though I knew the chances were very slim especially since I was only an alternate to begin with. It feels like I put my best foot forward, struck a great repoire with the interviewer, and I still wasn’t good enough.

 Sort of makes me freaked out for the future. If I can’t get through this first hurdle, is there any hope at all of me making a go at it permanently?


On the Run

Cuz, apparently, it’s too embarrasing to spaz on Facebook…where it will be seen by all my “friends.”


Juicy Juice

Wow, haven’t updated in a long time.

Got stat midterm back, except for me not realizing you can use the normal distribution for part (b), I got everything correct! I know this midterm was super easy and straight-forward (e.g. not what was expected) but it still makes you feel good you know.

I am back on the Facebook and it is going easier this time around.

I have wanderlust in my viens. All I want to do is travel and live like a semester in HK but this Haas schedule makes things complicated. And I wish I could read and write more.

Speaking of, now it is just like another rat race. Hopefully it will all work out ok. even if i am drownignd