so i haven’t blogged in a really long time. sorry about that. here is a list of my excuses

  1. i’ve been overseas
  2. been busy now that summer school has started
  3. can’t say anything about the tudors cuz i can’t watch the last two epps. what’s with all the spam comments anyways?
  4. totally feel behind in bambino and tsubasa too
  5. the suns didn’t make it to the western conference finals

what i can tell you about

  1. b-school undergrad is off to a good start, ranked no. 3 nationwide
  2. inoue mao is in a new drama called first kiss. so far, only found torrent, no subs, and streaming on veoh
  3. pan’s labyrinth and pirates of the caribbean have amazing scores. also, pan’s is a haunting movie…def. a must see
  4. jland has been revived as
  5. pirates w/e fic is my new thing
  6. cooking is not that bad
  7. i love my new place
  8. back to work again

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