Motherfucker, I am so fucking mad at the fucking Spurs. Fucking dirty players. So fucking unfair!

  • Bruce Bowen clips Amare Stoudemire – no review
  • Bruce Bowen knees Steve Nash – review, no fine or suspension
  • Baron Davis elbows Derek Fisher in the head – review, no fine or suspension
  • Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw rush toward their teammate when he is body slammed into the scorer’s table but don’t touch anyone and go back to the bench within 2 seconds – review, 1 game suspension
  • Robert Horry is sent into a game that is pretty much over with 32 seconds to go , body slams the former 2-time MVP and ruins the best series going in the playoffs – review, receives a paltry 2 game suspension
  • I am heartbroken over tonight but I feel so proud of my team for only giving up 3 points when they were playing without Amare and Diaw. Absolutely heartbroken. I know we will come back from this.

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