Suns, Suns, Suns

I watched game 5 of the Warriors/Jazz match-up. Golden State came into the series 1-3 and to no suprise, lost. Watching the game, I have to say that the Warriors absolutely suck on defensive. At any given time when the Jazz is in possesion of the ball, GS leaves at least 4 men open. And when they actually do something on defense, they foul!! In the last half hour of the game, Utah went up to the foul line as much as 5 times. When there’s a 10 point lead with 39 seconds on the clock, the game stops being excited. To add insult to injury, the Jazz manages to score 3 more points (one of which is a foul). As a result, the Jazz has won their second round and will move on to the Western Conference.

Tomorrow, the Spurs face off the Suns in Phoenix. I am so excited to see my home team play!! They currently stand tied 2-2. The Western Conference could start as early as May 20th. I’m not sure how tomorrow’s turnout will be. The Suns are two men down because of Stoudemire and Diaw left “the vicinity of the bench” after Horry “flagrantly fouled” Nash and struck Bell on the forearm. Horry is suspended from games 5 and 6 while Stoudemire and Diaw are suspended from game 5. It seems unfair to me as Stoudemire and Diaw did not even get into an altercation but simply moved away from the bench. In a way, a Game 7 would be really exciting and I would be back in time to maybe attend. I want Suns to win because if not, I think the Spurs would win Game 6 with a home court advantage and that being the game to win the series.

So put on your Orange and Purple, head over to the US Airways center at 7:30 pm, or tune into TNT at 7:30pm and cheer on the SUNS!!!!!!! OMG, they really need to win!!

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