Social Networking

I saw this ad on MySpace that intrigued me and now I can’t find it again. I wonder if there’s a store of MySpace ads that one can view. You know what I don’t get about that place. When I get random friend requests from people I’ve never met who I’m not sure are even really people and who have like no friends and no personal stuff on their page except for a picture that I suspect has been ripped off Google Images.

Facebook is ready to take over the world, I swear. I went to and there is a link to send an article to your friends via a Facebook message. Granted, it is, but still. And even freakier is that I clicked on it, decided it wasn’t worth the trouble of logging on, logged on a little later and had Facebook take me right to the send article in a message page. Weird that it remembered, huh? But it probably is less than a big deal than I am saying because it was a differnet tab but the same window. Which makes me wonder how much more different using tabs instead of windows affect your browser cookies.

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