How is it, y’all?

So, I have been trying to eradicate “you guys” from my vocabulary especially as I use when also referring to a group of all female friends also. For now, I have been endeavoring to use “y’all” instead but some people tell me that sounds too Southern. I wonder what is a good alternative though as “you all” sounds so forced.

I am ashamed to say that nothing was accomplished yesterday. Besides going to work for two hours (where Bob Woodruff had apparently gaved out signed copies of his book), I laid in bed and veged. Here are some of the movies I watched (partially): Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 (Uma Thurman has the kind of face where she looks so pretty sometimes and sorta strange at others), the Arnold Schwarzenger clone movie (at this point I try to remember how many movies I have seen our Governor in and came up with Terminator 1-3, Twins, Jingle Bells, True Lies, and maybe something called Ninth Day), Cold Mountain (Renee and Nicole are two of my fave actresses), and Good Will Hunting (awesome cast of talented actors).

I managed to watch Bambino 3 (softsubs are finally out!). Now we just have to wait for the episode 4 ones. Cheers to all fansubbers! Jun is just too cute. I love how gung-ho he is about doing well at Baccanale. The show has taken an interesting turn (I won’t spoil), I wonder how he will resolve his conflicting interests.

Tsubasa 152 was good but still has some unleft answers. This was the chapter in which I realized that reading xxxHolic at the same time would make a whole lot more sense. I had no idea who was Watanuki until I searched around. While I was on the boards searching, I saw some interesting debates about who Sakura should end up with in terms of C!Syaoran and R!Syaoran. I really loved the clone Syaoran because he was the one we were with the whole time. He worked so hard to regain the feathers for her but now we know he was made with a drive to find the feathers for FWR. He also loved her but now he doesn’t even have a heart anymore and he ripped out Fai’s eye!! I feel really sorry for the real Syaoran. He gave half his heart away and had to spend years floating in a jar. I am kinda mad at Sakura and Fai san who tried to take the Real Syaoran’s heart away just to give it to the clone. The heart belongs to the real Syaoran, who are they to take something that precious away from someone? I believe that the real Syaoran does have feelings for Sakura and we will see some big showdown to prove that. There is some speculation that the real Syaoran is the CCS Syaoran and while that is interesting I’m not sure about the validity of that. I’ll have to go back and reread but it seems that R!Syaoran has a Sakura of his world too because he was not originally from Sakura-hime’s world.


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