CW Round-Up

Tonight I caught up with all my CW faves. The Supernatural finale two-parter was so good. I am constantly blown away by Jensen and Jared’s acting. I am on the edge of my seat until part-two airs. The cliffhanger to All Hell Breaks Loose left me in tears so I can’t wait!

By contrast, One Tree Hill seemed sorta silly. It was blatant advertising for the Road Mix and the town of Honey Grove, TX for winning the Bring OTH to your Town contest. I did appreciate the little bit of meta-drama humor as the beautiful people of OTH made full of the outlandish, soap-operaish aspects of their lives. Ooo, and the stellar Tyler Hilton was back as the infuriating, but you know he’s a good guy at heart who refers to himself in the third person Chris Keller. I love Tyler’s music, he is such a talent. I just watched a music video of this artist named Taylor Swift that he was featured in Teardrops on my Guitar. I’ve never heard of Taylor Swift but she is so pretty! And only two years younger than me, I always get a little depressed when I discover people who are a year or two younger than I am and so accomplished, lol. This video didn’t make her singing seem so spectacular but I probably need to sample some more.

Supernatural and One Tree Hill are a few of the shows that are up in the air with regard to being renewed for another season on the CW. Show your support and keep those fingers crossed until the 17th.

On another note, had my first final today and my hand sure is cramped from all that writing. Hope it went ok!


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