So yesterday, I graciously agreed to accompany my rooomatte to this Japanese mega-store to feed her bento obsession. The place takes 2 hours (one way) to get to and $10.30 round-trip. And I end up getting 6 things of which only one is for myself!! Grr.

I watched Bambino! for the first time and I admit it is pretty good although a little draggy in some places (although, I suspect that is just for the 1st episode expanded time). Jun-kun is so kawaii! He makes you want to hug him and he reminds me of Tsukasa when he yells. Actually, anytime Jun looks the least bit moody, he reminds me of Tsukasa…LOL! Check it out for yourself at with the links for the hard-sub version. Move fast because direct links will be taken down in a week if you’re not a fan of (or like me, don’t know how the heck to use) Clubbox or torrents.

I was also catching up on some high school friends(accquaintices?) facebook profiles. Sometimes, I feel like I am missing out on some of the college experiences, some of them make me feel sad. Life moves fast and in two years I will be booted out of here.


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