Logic Hole

One thing I have never understood is this one argument. It goes:

If you found a watch on the beach, you would not believe that it simply came into being you would assume there was some creator, some master watchmaker out there who put it together. If I said this watch used to be a simple thing that changed over time, you would say I was crazy, and of course, someone must have put it together. Thus, the world and humans can’t be explained by evolution. We are so complex, so intricate and capable of high-level functioning that we couldn’t have simply come into being, we must have been created. How then can you possibly then refute the existence of a creator?

But who created the Creator? In scripture, there is no explanation of how God came into being, He simply is. And someone who is religious would have to agree that a being capable of creating something as complex as humans must be much more complex Himself. And if the Creator didn’t have a creator, that blows a big hole in that Swiss watch argument. If God had no overseer supervising his creation, why do humans/the world need an overseer?

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