Stripped – Raw and Real

On Wednesday, I caught my first American Idol episode of this whole season. Actually, I haven’t even watched this series since Fantasia. All I know about this season is Sanjaya (and his hair), my supervisor and I actually spent an afternoon watching YouTube videos of him (and his hair). Well, true to the fact that Idol is a reality show about ratings and not about talent,  Ryan Seacrest called Sanjaya to stand up two times before finally announcing that Sanjaya was safe from the bottom three.

As far as I’m concerned, the only good artists to come from the series is Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry. (Clay Aiken with his stalker/rapist song is way too scary and weird.) I love Kelly, saw her in concert. I didn’t watch the show when Daughtry when he was on, but the man is so talented, knocks my socks off. I really like DAUGHTRY’s It’s Not Over and Used To. The It’s Not Over video is very well done, I like music vids with a story to tell. This season, DAUGHTRY’s Home is the sendoff song. The band’s debut album has outsold every contestant that season including winner Taylor Hicks’.

While searching for the band, I came across this great site. Stripped Music; is an in-studio, acoustic performance series. Some of my favorite artists have been on the series. Be sure to check out DAUGHTRY’s powerful performances.

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