The Tudors

So the Showtime channel has a new original miniseries called The Tudors that is about the time of Henry VIII’s reign when he first meets Anne Boleyn. The Tudor dynasty has always been fascinating and lately there has been a lot of media about it. I really enjoy Phillip Gregory’s series of novels. The latest is called The Constant Princess about Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England. I actually just checked and I guess the latest is actually The Boleyn Inheritance, I will have to check that out. Her original novel The Other Boleyn Girl is set to release as a movie this summer starring Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman and Eric Bana (the Hulk and Hector) as Harry.

Anyway, back to the series. Instead of featuring Henry VIII as a tempermental fat man, he is portrayed as a tempermental man in his 20s by the steaming hot Jonathon Rhys Meyer. The series has a lot of fluff and a lot of gratutious sex. I’m not really sure if we are supposed to trust Woolsey or not (played by the incomparable Sam Neil). Showtime is using a very aggresive, unprecendented marketing scheme. The first two episodes streaming is being offerred virtually everywhere for free. You can find it on Amazon, Netflix, IMDB, Yahoo, MSN,, InnerTube. The first two edited episodes are easy to find on the official Showtime site. The unedited version takes a little bit more searching to find from Showtime. In fact, I suspect that the other sites are hosting the edited version. The first two episodes are all they are going to release but I found the third episode online too. I won’t say where so that hopefully I will be able to watch all 10 episodes. But if you really want to see it, you can leave a comment and I will direct you to the relevant sites.

Its a pretty good show and I feel that I like it for much of the same reasons that I like Nip/Tuck. And JRM is total eye-candy. Showtime claims they are being innovative and I guess they are. I feel that most people only know about Henry’s multiple marriages but his choice had a very big impact on the course of Christian religion. The head of state can also be the head of church. It is possible to redefine scripture, it is possible to break away from the established church. If it wasn’t for Henry’s heir issues and Anne’s “just say no” technique, how much different would our government and religion be? And we can’t forget that Henry is the father of a leader that brought England to a cultural and economic height.


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  1. Hi, i love the TUdors too! But I dont have Showtime and I cant find the 3rd episode online! Can you direct me to where I could find it? Thanks

  2. Hi Steffanie,

    Before, the 3rd episode was posted by a user on Veoh who has been suspended for copyright violation. The user is back now but unfortunately only has the first episode uploaded. I’m still trying to find another place where I can watch the remaining episodes. Once I find it, I’ll post it on my blog.

    To make up for that, here’s how you can watch the first two episodes unedited streaming. Go to and enter “king” as your password. Warning: The Tudors is rated M for mature and has nudity. Enjoy!

  3. This show is revealing the psychology of a brutal tyrant, his reckless behavior and pursuit of immortal glory. That alone would be enough, but the chilling reminders of brutal and relevant history don’t stop there. We see what it truly is to be subservient to a king, what buffoons he surrounds himself with, and the innocents who are imprisoned in between. We see how a king is easily manipulated by his closest advisor who consistently serves his own best interests. And as any decent telling of a monarchy should do, we see what it is to live in a world that demands loyalty above all else.

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  5. Please direct me to where I can see episodes 3 and on. I found out about this show last week and now I’m dying to see the others! Thanks!

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