The Other Boleyn Girl

So, on a Tudor kick, I found and read the supposed script for The Other Boleyn Girl. And what I have to say is that the movie is very boring. I really like the book but this is bad. They try to cram the title into the dialogue multiple times. Henry comes off as a fickle, crazy man. Anne looks like a real witch–even though I am glad that that include the possible incest with George. In the book, it was left up to the reader to decide, here it is explicit and Anne comes off as a woman willing to do anything and I mean anything to keep her place. With all this talk of God, it seems no wonder how every choice that Henry made seemed to be a punishment from God for his very poor decisions.

Disclaimer: The “script” comes from a fansite for Natalie and I have no idea if it really is the script that is used for the movie or not.

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