Hanadan Fandom

Even though Hana Yori Dango is over, I still love it lots. So I decided to spam with loads of links if you’re interested.

The Saturn Necklace: The most active LJ comm, plus is they are TxT supporters! Also, they have links to the raws.

jLand: I realize I already have this link on my blogroll but it deserves a repeat. When the drama was on, this was the fastest softsub site. Also, Lily (blogger) adds lots of extras like translations of the promotion they did

Join JDramas at LJ to dl the raws

Watch streaming subbed episodes at CrunchyRoll

ARASHI BNF arashi@vox hardsubbed the episodes and did a little bit of promo translations. Also has quick a bit of image scans.

And if you are a fan of the manga (which I am not), find scanlations here.


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