EJami Fandom

I just wrote a post on the Hanadan fandom but figure that I will do one for EJami too. I see that I have gotten several hits that way and some people are interested in fanfiction? So, here goes.

First, the number one resource for EJami lovers: Forbidden Love Fan Forum. This is the most EJami friendly and active place on the net featuring discussions, fanworks, weekly chats, spoilers, and video clips. For those interested in EJami fanfiction, you have to check out the epic saga by laurensnana in the fanfiction section of the forum. As of now, there are about 8 volumes in the saga and the writer updates at least once per day. Crazy, huh?

For those who appreciate the droolworthy James Scott (EJ), check out his official website and the corresponding forum. Forum has a lot of the same posters on Forbidden. Site has weekly chats that James has participated in.

And the soap diva herself, Alison Sweeney. She posts on the blog section, her forum, and her NBC blog.

Missed out on an EJami scene? Youtube users Nymphette25 and VMlove111 are very quick to post up EJami scenes.

EJami scenes not enough? Download the full episode at Something-More.net

Support your favorite couple by voting on Fallin and Vote the Soaps.

Now, for more general stuff.
NBC official site
Prevuze, my favorite Days Ahead site.
Comprehensive fansite with history, daily summaries, and spoilers.
There are plenty more great DOOL sites out there but these are my faves.


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