Playing Catch-Up

Sorry for the lack of weekend posts. This whole weekend was spent apartment searching. So, we were beat on the first place we applied to by a mere two hours but we are still going strong. I saw 5 places this weekend and we are waiting to here from one by Tuesday. Fingers crossed because it would be so nice to be certain how this summer is going to go. I went shopping on Sat. and spent $90 which might not sound like a whole not of money to you but I am a little amazed. Oh well, about $30 of it was for a friend’s bday gift. And I saw this cute jacket at H&M and a pant sale at Express…could not resist! I tried the tangerine Tazo Juice Squeeze at Starbucks and it was v. good if a little cold. Also, BN is having a 30% sale on bookmarks and journals so head on over.

ETA: Forgot to mention that I went to the Luau on Friday evening. It was a lot of fun! Great food and beautiful performances. The ukulele performance was so relaxing. I really want to go to Hawaii now. It must be a beautiful place to inspire so many beautiful things. Also, tried to listen to the John Legend concert but failed. But did get to catch Corinne Bailey sing “Put your records on”. That song is so good!

In other news, the world is still filled with racist idiots, see Democracy Now for stupid Imus in the Morning controversy.


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