Frustration and Boba

Today, I had my two midterms and I am glad that they are finally done!! To compensate for the excess of questions on the last midterm, CogSci decides to like 2/3 it and use some MC instead. Much easier, to say the least. Breezy, one might say. Econ came first and I  would say it wasn’t too bad. The true/false was much harder this time. I talked to R***em afterwards and we both had a blip on one part. Our process was good, but the numbers don’t make sense.

 I ended super early today and again, we didn’t make it to C****mont. God, we suck. I tried to go to A***V but the place was closed….again. I wonder if they are on some weird hiatus or whatever. K**n and I went to talk to the apt. managers. So I got sorta angry, I know its irrational but I can’t help it. I guess I am just used to being dishonest. Damn, we always circumvent the law.

 I was feeling all cranky but then I met with E***h, he is too funny and I felt more relaxed afterwards. Oooo. I also talked to T too. Good for us for keeping in touch. Well, I guess today will be a day of scanning and faxing.

 ETA: I forgot to say why the title also includes Boba, I introduced E***h to boba and he hated it. LOL! But got everything done.


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