Awesome DAY!

Oh ma Gee!! What a great day for all the fandoms I follow. First, EJami had a freakin’ hot scene, I kid you not, they will steam up your screen. Squee! To watch, head over to YouTube.

Next, after being Hanadan deprived for weeks, the NGs came out. Apparently, HYD also won a cash prize for a TBS blooper award. To watch, Veoh.

And last but not least, Tsubasa 149 is out and scanlated! Yay! Haven’t read it yet but after the 148 cliffie, I’m sure it will be good. Check out the Tsubasa site on my blogroll to read it yourself.


One response to “Awesome DAY!

  1. I realize now how odd it is for me to put the emphasis of “awesome day” on the word “day” as if to distinguish it from awesome time-periods that are not “days.” Or maybe (and this realization comes to me now), I was trying to be witty by punning on Days of Our Lives with the EJAMI with the caps!locksDays.

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