Today in teh News

I’m at work right now and it’s a slow day. I should probably use the time to study but I always feel so bad cuz I’m not working (even though I end up not working online anyway). Just read Prevuze and the EJami plot seems like it is going good.

I am also trying to sneakily buy my roommate ARASHI goods for her birthday. No way would it get here in time but it is suprisingly hard to find something besides really expensive albums and the usual concert goods.

I am freaking out about the co-op project. Michelle tells me that there is less than 5 weeks before the presentation and we have not taught a single class. Which reminds me that I better right my statement and might as well take my photo–I’m so lazy.

Yesterday’s reviews were so not helpful. OK, well the cogsci one was alright and I usually despise those kind of open forum ask questions thing. But the econ one was much much worse. The gsis just droned on covering really basic things taht are in the textbook anyway. I’m interested in problem solving and they didn’t offer that at all.

Also, yesterday was the first time I sat next to this one annoying girl in lecture. She always wears so much makeup and so few clothes. So she doesn’t take notes, takes off her shoes, rubs her feet, and then finger-combs her hair. Why on earth would you touch your hair after touching your feet?!?

Current interests right now are TSUBASA RESERVoir ChronICLEs (not sure about the case, LOL) and Daze cuz the EJami is heating up once again.

I better follow up with the bank after my recent theft. GaWB, why are people so evil? I also read this article titled “Anatomy of a Massacre” on the Columbine HS shooting. Those kids were so evil…

I also pulled my shoulder playing badminton. It was so close…I stretched…and promptly heard a “PEURCHHh!!!!” So far, only where my arm meets my shoulder hurts, I need to be at peak writing condition.

WTF of the day was receiving an email from a past GSI. So weird, it’s been a year, the class was not very close. Are we suppose to go to his graduation (impossible w/o tickets) so hang around his graduation? NO idea how he won that award.


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