So yesterday, I graciously agreed to accompany my rooomatte to this Japanese mega-store to feed her bento obsession. The place takes 2 hours (one way) to get to and $10.30 round-trip. And I end up getting 6 things of which only one is for myself!! Grr.

I watched Bambino! for the first time and I admit it is pretty good although a little draggy in some places (although, I suspect that is just for the 1st episode expanded time). Jun-kun is so kawaii! He makes you want to hug him and he reminds me of Tsukasa when he yells. Actually, anytime Jun looks the least bit moody, he reminds me of Tsukasa…LOL! Check it out for yourself at with the links for the hard-sub version. Move fast because direct links will be taken down in a week if you’re not a fan of (or like me, don’t know how the heck to use) Clubbox or torrents.

I was also catching up on some high school friends(accquaintices?) facebook profiles. Sometimes, I feel like I am missing out on some of the college experiences, some of them make me feel sad. Life moves fast and in two years I will be booted out of here.


Tudors Update

Huzzah, I told Steffanie on my first Tudors post that I would update when I found the newest episodes again. Go here for Dailymotion links for episodes 1-4 (which I think are edited…boo) Enjoy!

Life as we know it

I don’t think I have something very philsophical to say except that life is shorter than you think and death is closer than you think. You know how it is said that young people think they are invicible…I thought I stopped feeling that way after I was in car accident. But I was very lucky and came out only needing to go to the chiropractor (even though the car wasn’t so lucky). But recently, someone I know was involved in a car accident. It makes you think that everyday could seriously be your last. Automobile crashes are the number one cause of teen death followed by death by guns.

My hand is all cramped today from working on my econ problem set. Perhaps, I will just tool around her until 4:30 and I get to eat food.

Journalism Industry

This week was spring weekend at the J-School and we met all the new admits. Working on a Sunday and 7:30 on a Monday morning was made possible with BBQ, coffee, and my favorite paper of all…the New York Times. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Times? Well, I do.

But things continue to look bad for the newspaper industry. The Internet has wounded it badly by luring away advertisers and readers. Perhaps, the newspaper is a dying breed as revenue in the industry continues to decline. This week the Tribune Company is expected to make cuts at the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times to the tune of 100 and 150 staff members, respectively. Reflecting another industry trend, the Tribune Company is also going private. Rob Curley once said that he didn’t think journalists should be afraid because multimedia is making this one of the most exciting times to be a journalist. But when I see the nation’s largest circulation papers making big staff cuts, it seems sensible for journalists to be afraid.

Logic Hole

One thing I have never understood is this one argument. It goes:

If you found a watch on the beach, you would not believe that it simply came into being you would assume there was some creator, some master watchmaker out there who put it together. If I said this watch used to be a simple thing that changed over time, you would say I was crazy, and of course, someone must have put it together. Thus, the world and humans can’t be explained by evolution. We are so complex, so intricate and capable of high-level functioning that we couldn’t have simply come into being, we must have been created. How then can you possibly then refute the existence of a creator?

But who created the Creator? In scripture, there is no explanation of how God came into being, He simply is. And someone who is religious would have to agree that a being capable of creating something as complex as humans must be much more complex Himself. And if the Creator didn’t have a creator, that blows a big hole in that Swiss watch argument. If God had no overseer supervising his creation, why do humans/the world need an overseer?

Tsubasa Update

Opps, totally forgot that Tsubasa 150 is out. As always, read here at the Online Manga MSN group. Apparently, Volume 19 was also released.

I can handle spoilers in some mediums but not for manga. But for those of you who are interested in getting interesting tidbits before the chapter is scanlated and posted, visit su-chan’s LJ for all the news.

Also, if anyone is a fan of Supernatural, you have to catch them on CWTV streaming. I love how loads of TV networks are putting their shows up for free now. Sometimes, you just can’t be home to watch it at that particular time and it is nice to have it whenever you want to watch it. I am a big ole fan of the Winchester boys esp. JENSEN. I have loved that boy since Dark Angel. I never watched him on Days but I get a big kick out of the fact that he plays the twin brother to my favorite character.

The long wait

Sorry for not posting in a while. I guess it is hard to return to humor after a tragedy. Sometimes, it feels that our own lives should be on pause too, you know?

This week has been pretty uneventful. We are starting Game Theory in microecon. Damn, this John Nash character sure did a lot. We played his version of HEX at the science center. From what me and my roomie played, whoever started would win but maybe that is because we are just not that good at the game. I am going to be working this weekend but hey, free BBQ. Also, going to be showing kids around the campus as part of my education class. I hope that we get a pretty good turnout.